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If you do not wish to receive e-mails from TeamAutismNC in the future please let us know by e-mailing us at info@teamautismnc.com


Dates of Giveaway:
Multiple dates between August 6th, 2018 – November 26th, 2018

Must be 18 years old of age to be eligible to win. Hardison & Cochran, Attorney at Law and Autism Society of North Carolina employees and their family are not eligible to win.

Entry Methods:
To be eligible to win a weekly prize, you must be a member of TeamAutismNC. A member is considered someone who is subscribed to the weekly newsletter. Signing up for the team and remaining on the e-mail list will enter you each week.

Winner Selection:
Each Sunday of college football season, beginning on August 26th, one name will be selected randomly from the members who are subscribed to the TeamAutismNC e-mail list.

Contacting Winner:
After a winner is selected each week (see: Winner Selection) they will be contacted by e-mail on Sunday to confirm identity and eligibility and to make arrangements for the items to be delivered by mail. All mailing costs will be taken care of by TeamAutismNC. 

If, after seven (7) days, we cannot get in touch with the initial giveaway winning TeamAutismNC member, the process of selecting a winner will be implemented again. This process will be used until a winner is adequately contacted and confirmed.

If the initial winner fails to meet eligibility requirements, the process of selecting a winner will be implemented once it is determined that the initial winner is ineligible.

Prize Information:
Preseason: Yeti Soft Cooler
Week 1: Smoked Spices Gift Set
Week 2: Blue Tooth Speaker
Week 3: Bojangles Gift Card
Week 4: Amazon Gift Card
Week 5: Domino’s Gift Card
Week 6: Amazon Gift Card
Week 7: Waterproof Quilted Fleece Stadium Blanket
Week 8: Amazon Gift Card
Week 9: Amazon Gift Card
Week 10: Amazon Gift Card
Week 11: Amazon Gift Card
Week 12: Amazon Gift Card
Week 13: Amazon Gift Card

Prizes cannot be substituted for cash or traded for any other items. If the items become unavailable, they may be replaced by items of an equal dollar amount.

Prize Delivery/ Fulfillment:
Once a mailing address is confirmed with the weekly winner, the item will be mailed to the address they provide. TeamAutismNC will cover any shipping costs.

The TeamAutismNC Weekly Give-A-Way is sponsored by Hardison & Cochran Attorneys at Law. The University of North Carolina / University of North Carolina Athletics do not endorse, sponsor or manage the TeamAutismNC Weekly Give-A-Way. 

Give-A-Way Contact Info:
5121 Kingdom Way Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27607
(800) 442-2762

More Information:
If you would like more information about the TeamAutismNC Weekly Give-A-Way, please contact TeamAutismNC at info@teamautismnc.com

2018 Give-A-Way Winners List:
Preseason: Jeff (Wake County, NC)
Week 1: Brittany (Orange County, NC)
Week 2: Kristin (Wake County, NC)
Week 3: Candy (Wake County, NC)
Week 4: Allison (Nash County, NC)
Week 5: Sharon (Wake County, NC)
Week 6: Christina (Guilford County, NC)
Week 7: Temple (Wake County, NC)
Week 8: Amy (Cumberland County, NC)
Week 9: Patricia (Cumberland County, NC)
Week 10: Carlos (Wake County, NC)
Week 11: Jamie (Wake County, NC)
Week 12: Gaile (Wake County, NC)
Week 13: Kathy (Wake County, NC)